Saving Lives through Organ Donation

About Us


Our Founders

After touring British Columbia in 2016 to promote organ donor registration to mark her 10 year Liver Transplant Anniversary, Amanda Poch and Guy Lapierre decided to celebrate their marriage in 2017 by establishing the Live Then Give Fund.  Recognizing that many individual, organizations and groups are working hard to meet the many challenges faced by indiviudals within the Transplant Community, the fund seeks to provide mciro funding for grassroots projects designed to deliver results. Each small step brings us closer to solutions. 


Take Action!

We respect the hard work being done every day by researchers,  larger non-profits and health professional and are not looking to reproduce their efforts. We focus on providing organisational recommendations, background materials and other support for agenbts of change. We have powerful speakers abvalable for your Company meeting, school presentations, and political advocacy. Contact us to help make your idea for change a success. 


Thank You

We want to take a moment to express our gratitude to the Doctors, nurses, lab technologists, researchers, and other people that are instriumental in keeping the transplant community alive and healthy. 

We want to thank the living donors and families that make the decision to save lives by becoming organ donors. You are simply the reason why many of us are still alive today!